Tango, spanish and steak in beautiful Buenos Aires

I’m a little behind on my blog because I’ve been having so much fun (and also because of the lack of good internet in a lot of places)!

Leaving Iguazu Falls behind I arrived in Buenos Aires ready for steak, more wine, Tango and Spanish! I spent a couple of weeks in this beautiful city, taking classes in both Tango and Spanish, meeting some really cool people from around the globe and generally having the time of my life!

The classes were so much fun, a little addictive even (especially Tango), and I really didn’t want them to end… I even got to go a long to a few Milongas and try out my Tango dancing 🙂

Dancing at the Milonga


By the end of my stay, I really fell in love with Buenos Aires… if I have to chose another city to live in, I think this would be it. It has a very European feel to the place and is a very vibrant and bustling city. I enjoyed numerous cafes and restaurants with amazing food and wine, nightclubs, shopping in Palermo and the artisan markets of Recoleta and San Telmo. I also managed to fit in a couple of trips outside the city to the Tigre delta and for a fiesta with the gauchos at Estancia Santa Susana.

Delicious steak and flan



Musicians at the San Telmo market

San Telmo Market

San Telmo Market 3

Colourful streets of La Boca


Streets of Buenos Aires




Puerto Madero at Sunset – view from a catamaran


Gauchos and asado at Estancia Santa Susana



After a while I got used to being greeted with an ‘hola’ and a kiss on the cheek, saying ‘chau’ as I left a place and the cute pronunciation of Argentinian Spanish. I also figured out the best way to change my money… I remember how strange it was walking along Florida street seeing guys in t-shirts wearing suit jackets and silver chains shouting ‘cambio, cambio’ trying to exchange pesos for US dollars.

After my two weeks were up, I really didn’t want to leave… but it was time to start my trip to the south of Chile and Argentina… one steps closer to Antarctica!

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